Thrash Till Death: Exodus

Exodus es una banda de Thrash Metal formada en 1980, donde en 1985 sacaron su primer album, considerado(tambien x mi) uno de los mejores del thrash. Realmente una buenisima banda que no debe faltar en nuestra colección. Espero que disfruten sus albumes!

Bonded By Blood(1985)

01. Bonded By Blood
02. Exodus
03. And Then There Were None
04. A Lesson In Violence
05. Metal Command
06. Piranha
07. No Love
08. Deliver Us To Evil
09. Strike Of The Beast
10. And Then There Were None (Live)
11. A Lesson In Violence (Live)

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Pleasures Of Flesh(1987)


01. Deranged
02. 'Till Death Do Us Part
03. Parasite
04. Brain Dead
05. Faster Than You'll Ever Live To Be
06. Pleasures Of The Flesh
07. 30 Seconds
08. Seeds Of Hate
09. Chemi-Kill
10. Choose Your Weapon

Descargar "Pleasures of Flesh"

Fabulous Disaster(1989)


01. The Last Act Of Defiance
02. Fabulous Disaster
03. The Toxic Waltz
04. Low Rider
05. Cajun Hell
06. Like Father, Like Son
07. Corruption
08. Verbal Razors
09. Open Season
10. Overdose

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Impact Is Imminent(1990)

01. Impact Is Imminent
02. A.W.O.L.
03. The Lunatic Parad
04. Within The Walls Of Chaos
05. Objection Overruled
06. Only Death Decides
07. Heads They Win (Tails You Lose)
08. Changing Of The Guard
09. Thrash Under Pressure

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Good Violent Friendly Fun(1991)


01 Fabulous Disaster
02 ChemiKill
03 Til Death Do Us Part
04 Toxic Waltz
05 Cajun Hell
06 Corruption
07 Brain Dead
08 Dirty Deeds

Descargar "Good Violent Friendly Fun"

"Force of Habit"(1992)


01. Thorn In My Side
02. Me, Myself And I
03. Force Of Habit
04. Bitch
05. Fuel For The Fire
06. One Foot In The Grave
07. Count Your Blessings
08. Climb Before The Fall
09. Architect Of Pain
10. When It Rains It Pours
11. Good Day To Die
12. Pump It Up
13. Feeding Time At The Zoo

Descargar "Force Of Habit"

Tempo of Dammed(2004)

01. Scar Spangled Banner
02. War Is My Sheppard
03. Blacklist
04. Shroud Of Urine
05. Forward March
06. Culling The Herd
07. Sealed With A Fist
08. Throwing Down
09. Impaler
10. Tempo Of The Damned
11. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Descargar "Tempo of Dammed"

Shovel Headed Kill Machine(2005)


01. Raze
02. Deathamphetamine
03. Karmas Messenger
04. Shudder To Think
05. I Am Abomination
06. Altered Boy
07. Going Going Gone
08. Now Thy Death Day Come
09. 44 Magnum Opus
10. Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Descargar "Shovel Headed Kill Machine"

The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A(2007)


01. A Call To Arms
02. Riot Act
03. Funeral Hymn
04. Children Of A Worthless God
05. As It Was, As It Soon Shall Be
06. The Atrocity Exhibition
07. Iconoclasm
08. The Garden Of Bleeding
09. Bedlam 123

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